I have been playing live at my church through a PA and the sound coming out of the mixer just sounds horrible... I also have a PA at home too and it just doesn't sound right with my Boss GT-8 straight into the mixer... it sounds like there's equilizer problems... the distortion just sounds like a fuzz and I can"t fix it... It sounds fine through my amp... but there is no room on the stage to mic my halfstack...is a direct box what need??? recomendations?
yea it sounds like you need a direct box, we have a bunch at my church its what we use just straight into the mixer, works fine with all sorts of sound modification, so it should do. I'm not sure how expensive they are, but if you don't want to bring your amp up thats what you need.
Ok so If a direct box is what I need... How expensive do I need to go...? Passive or Active? i want a good balance between inexpensive and good quality
we have passives, they sound fine, and I'm not sure how much they cost, but we may need new ones soon anyway, two of ours have broken from many trips that I take with the youth band, and I really have no idea on quality of anything besides what we have. I think you should be fine with these, they're cheap enough to get more than one if you have multiple instruments (works with any instrument, but could be messy if you use a bass or low frequency instruments)
And maybe one of these to use as a bass driver (which is what we use it for, works fine) if you have a bassist