im going for a oil finish for my project and i have a giant tub of tung oil from another project and was wondering if it would be a good choice for mahogany. or more importantly, is there a better choice? also when i applied it on my last project i basically worked it in with very very fine steel wool, but a smooth as glass type finish wasnt necessary then, but it is now even though i pretty much got one. so would i be better off sanding down to 600,1000,2000 sandpaper then applying oil? sorry if this has been covered 5000 times before, a quick serach didnt turn up much.
alright i searched a bit more and sort of found what i was looking for, so if i did the body in tung oil what would be a good sealant for it so i dont have to worry about sweat/water getting on it and going into the wood?