VHT Deliverance 60 head, VHT D412 Cab, ESP LTD MH-1000, Schecter C-7 Blackjack

I got stuff for sale.

VHT Deliverance 60 head - excellent condition - 6550 power tubes. Everything was just re-tubed with tung sols. So it's ready to go. I just cranked it last night and it sounds amazing. It's almost impossible to get a bad tone out of this amp. Original facory box and packing materials.

$1200.00 + shipping

VHT Deliverance 412 Cab eminance p50e speakers - Excellent condition with the exception of a single tear in the tolex on the back edge. It's about an inch long. Not very noticable. But it's there. Comes with Casters and original VHT factory Box and packing materials.

So..... $700.00+ shipping

I'll knock off $50 if you buy them together. $1850 + shipping for the head and cab.


Schecter C-7 Blackjack 7 string. Great condition. Not dings, scratches or anything. In original box. Comes with Duncan 59-7 and JB-7 pickups. Great pickups, sound very good in the all mahogany Schecter.

$450.00 + shipping. That's half the price for a new one. -

ESP LTD MH-1000, brand new condition. Only a month and a half old. $600+shipping OBO.

I'm not very eager to sell this stuff, but I need the cash.

Someone come get my nice rig.

Only possibly a trades would be for a nice tube combo + cash for the D60 and cab

email me at RobotBodiesBFF@gmail.com
any interest in a hellraiser fr for that esp?
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