Lately I've been inexplicably attracted to this, the Suzuki SX4 Sport:

I really really want one. It's strangely charming. It's not that fast, and really at heart it's still just an economy car, but I'd probably take it over quite a few real sports cars given the choice. Then again, maybe I like the idea of owning one simply because it's actually possible with my level of income.

Anyone else strangely drawn to not-so-amazing cars?
We're only strays.
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Capri -> gas conversion -> polish. SORTED.

They make a great sound.

It's a shame most Capri's you see are rusting wrecks only fit for the scrapheap these days.
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what's the fuel economy of that thing

Like 30 highway.

Yeah Capri's are pretty cool, I almost got one instead of my Escort. I couldn't find one that was trustworthy enough though. I didn't want a car I'd have to repair a lot. Unfortunately though I've had to put money into my Escort twice already.
We're only strays.
Whatever you do, please don't get a civic and mess it up so much it looks like a damn picasso painting. Thx in Advance
They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

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i know how you feel, if i was given the choice, i'd take a volvo c70 or a BMW e24/e28/e30/e34/e36 over a ferrari or a lambo anyday.
Yeah, I actually used to have a deep obsession with Pontiac Vibes...especially orange ones.
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My suzuki is much better looking...

Then again it has 1/2 as many wheels.
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