we just recorded one of our best live shows ever, so listen, tell me what you think. I'll return such favors if you please. Myspace is in my sig.
Normally I would give comments on each individual song, but seeing as this is a jam band I expect that songs are changing very often and therefore I won't say anything about any songs in particular. I will however say that I'm really enjoying all the tunes. You've got some excellent grooves. Even though your songs are longer than a lot of bands on here they manage to keep my interest which is a good thing.

Overall, very good music. I don't really have anything negative to say. I'm loving the horns by the way.
Thanks a lot man. The songs do tend to change pretty often, this night everything seemed to go longer than usual, but I'm glad it could keep your attention. Plus we just added a sax player, he's got perfect pitch too so I'm really happy with the stuff he can improvise.
very cool stuff, very tight stuff. Funky and I love when a jam band knows how to use a phaser pedal. Cheers.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Okay, I'm going to be brutally honest.

I don't particularly like any of it (other than the Herbie cover). Don't get me wrong, you guys sound like more than capable musicians and you stay in time together very well, so its not like you guys just suck. The music just doesn't grab me. You have the first half down (you guys are good enough musicians that you are capable of making cohesive music without sounding like garbage), but the second half is making music that makes people feel something. Most of your songs sound kind of like something a generic jam band would do, which I personally don't think is a good direction to be heading in. Jam bands aren't really The Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews, despite being refered to as such, those guys are special and have some other X factor. Most jam bands just sound like that kind of generic funk/noodling you guys seem to be doing.

Now here is some advice as to what you can do to improve your sound at least I think, if you think your sound is fine then leave it the way it is, this is only a bit of constructive criticism.

A) If you are going to be playing groovy music, your bassist HAS to groove more. I'm not knocking him, he sounds like a solid bass player and seems capable of laying down some nice lines. Definitely experiment more with the bassist, get him doing "lead" stuff, I promise it'll sound good. As of right now he just seems to be grooving along with the roots with the odd pentatonic trill.

B) Why no lyrics? If you are going for the whole instrumental thing then thats fine, but I'm going to warn you that most people aren't down with that and would like to hear at least SOME lyrics. Even like 90 percent of jam bands have some lyrics in their songs. Unless you're like Medeski Martin and Wood who can keep things moving and interesting all the time, people will get bored if they never hear any lyrics.

C) Diversify your sound more. Play other genres, playing the same funk groove over and over again gets pretty boring and repetative, not only for the audience, but moreso for you guys. Take influences from elsewhere, outside the funky/experimenty area.

Once again, I hope you don't take offense to this reply, its meant simply as some suggestive criticism and you can easily just choose to forget everything I've said and thats fine. You guys have good chemistry, do something a little more interesting with it is all.
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Well, thanks for being honest. I agree with you that we really need to diversify a little. Also, our bassist has only been playing for 6 months, so we're working on that, and If and only if we ever find an awesome singer, we would love to have one in our band, but until then we're happy with just the instrumental thing.
I really liked your stuff. Good sound, good grooves, and excellent drumming. Nice work.
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