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This was too weird to put anywhere else. This just happened.
I had my little 15 watt amp on and i stopped playin, and i heard a voice, so i looked around then realised it was comin from my amp. I was so frickin freaked out. I thnk it was picking up what was on tele downstairs, which was an alien conspiracy thing, i just kept hearing the words 'alien, 'ufo', and 'area 51'. I was just like, OMG.
This ever happened to you guys.
amps are class b digital devices, meaning they have to accept all interference, so you probobly pickled up some radio frequency
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dont say this too loud, government could steal all the amps and use it to track what people are doing and saying will be the next government conspiracy i tell you.....
....and they will use to help stop terrorists as an exucse.

why would this happen to me?
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Are you sure you were not smoking more then cigarettes?? If you were smoking more then cigarettes then I WANT SOME OF THAT....

Seriously though I used to have a lil 30 watt CRATE practice amp that if my brother had his radio on across the house it would pick up the FM signal.....strange lil buggers some times, all is well though
haha, thats cool
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That happens. My dad's a ham radion operator and if the thing (frequincie or whatever) is too high it'll go through things. Like he's opened his microwave and he could hear his radio through it.

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I have some computer speakers that pick up the damn radio. It's super annoying. old set of speakers that picked up truck drivers and cops non stop
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I have some computer speakers that pick up the damn radio. It's super annoying.

You do know that damn isn't blocked by the swear filter, right?

EDIT: ^Dude, you could have had so much fun if you had a transmitter as well, chatting with truckers and taking the piss out of coppers, hooray!
ya my amp makes weird noises everytime i turned on my computer monitor, and it buzzes real bad when i have my guitar near the computer at all. my computer speakers also make a sound like they are blowing out every time i get a text message on my phone nearby. RISE OF THE MACHINES I TELL YOU>
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You do know that damn isn't blocked by the swear filter, right?

how is damn not blocked, that's worse than cunt
At college the rehearsal rooms are really badly designed. Like there all sound proof apart from the celling. And the rooms are on the bottom floor.

Anyway the plugs are all joined from each room so you can hear the rehearsals from everywhere else through the amps lol.
Simple answer:your amp picked up a radio station

A week ago my amp picked up a police radio. I thought it would be interesting but it wasn't. You know the usual, 3 dead, 5 injured, and 25 raped. Just everyday stuff
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My amp can pick up my neighbor's phone conversations. Her brother got fired from Mcdonald's.

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I picked up a classic rock station once.

Started playing along to it. 'twas pretty awesome.

Although I could barely hear the station through my amp, but whatever.

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Well, my walkietalkie that I bought at the Children store when I was a kid picked up russian radios all the time.. :p Was fun
Happens to me all the time

worst thing is, the station is always playing some kind of rave song
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It's not actually the amp that picks up anything, it's the cord. The unbalanced 1/4" TS or "instrument" cord will pick up interference. This is why short cords are preferred for going from instrument to amp.
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Happens to me sometimes, it acts like an aerial for some reason, and picks up radio signals. Tis really creepy, sounds great when voices come through when you're playing guitar.
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it just picked up a radio frequency,happens to me all the time
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Get yer Ipod (or whatever) & earphones and press play. Stick it to yer pickups and jam. ^^

EDIT: The earphones that is, but if you have an ipod with a hard drive thats cool too.

its happened to me, but i picked up a radio station. i asked my dad about it and he said it has an electro-magnetic force in the amp speakers which act like an aerial.
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edit: ****ing hell I hate this capslock filter.
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I have some computer speakers that pick up the damn radio. It's super annoying.

Yeah, so do I.
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i read in an article in Guitar World that Michael Shenker (spelling?) was using his amp and guitar with some sort of effects peadl, and it did something and made the pick-ups microphonic. So he could talk into his pickups and his voice would come through the amps. I'm not sure if I beleive it though, he was probably just drunk.
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