1.What(in your opinion) makes a band worth signing? (lyrics, originality, technicality, looks, etc)

2.What characteristics make one band/artist better than another?
1. Lyrics, originality, and overall sound, technicallity - depends what genre band really...

2. The vibe of the band is arugably the most decisive.
signing is mostly about marketability. if a company feels a band will make them money, they sign them.
A band is worth signing if a record company things that there music will sell well, personally I would look for originality and good lyrics plus a few good muscains on board.
No band or artist is better than any other, they can be technically more skilled and more popular but there is no way to fairly judge that and if you do try to judge it it leads to pointless arguments, i.e the pit.
eh...dudes...nobody cares about lyrics nowdays...well...we musicians do. But not other people :s sad but true. it's just overall sound, energy, good vocals
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uhh I think making better music makes one band better then others? /thread?
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uhh I think making better music makes one band better then others? /thread?

What is "better music"?
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What ever appeals more to the specific listener?

That's why I quoted him, is because good is relative to the listener, therefore cannot be defined.