Well what I want us all here @ UG in the musicians talk section, is name the best videos that helped us gain that extra step in playing, something that made you go: "Though I know most of it, I didn't even know about these small parts!" and it's those small parts that made you 10 times better than you were.

In example, I was watching a video yesterday and I didn't even know what arpeggio meant after 4 1/2 years of playing guitar. So you know I googled it and it was that small step to improving my play even more. Yea, I could solo, but now I know what to play and why. So for my contribution:

Marty Friedman - Melodic Control
I got some good guitars, yo.
speed kills by michael angelo batio?

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i like buying the monthly guitar mag instructional dvd's with Andy Aledort. they're very helpfull. Actually, that's mostly where i learned all my stuff from. Every month they have a different topic. last month's was my favorite, acoustic rock. pretty neat. this month is metal... lol i'm not too much into playing metal. i only work out to it.
Any of Eric Johnson's ones are amazing. It's the little details he goes into about how little differences in tone can change your overall sound (badly summed up) that I like the most in this (not saying he doesn't have many other excellent things to say). I haven't seen all his stuff but I've heard it's just as good.
John Petrucci's Rock Discipline is good, it shows you a good approach to stretching and getting warmed up aswell as excercises and ideas that you can help you compose.
Paul Gilbert's are good for excercises and good ideas for practicing aswell as some nifty other things.
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the petrucci Rock Discipline is good but I prefer Gilberts Intense Rock 1&2 because he is so humble and makes it look easy and fun the way it should be!Also the DVD Guitar world just put out with MAB is good got lots of cool exercises.All of these definitely were fundamental in my improvement.Hope this helps!