So, i'm ready to shoot the colour coats on my old Squier Strat and was wondering what the best method is.

Horizontal - suspended flat with a paint stick
Vertical - hanging upright from the ceiling.

Which method do you guys prefer? Pros and cons of each?

If it makes any difference i'm using automotive rattle cans.
Hanging upright from the ceiling. Defiantly
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An easy way is to hang it by threading the hook of a coat hanger through one of the neck socket bolt holes and then hanging the coat hanger off 2 sturdy nails banged into the horizontal part of a door frame!!

I used this method when I painted my old squier body and it worked fine, just make sure to spray several THIN layers to prevent build up and make sure to spray from a distance to prevent any drips across the body. If you are spraying it a solid colour then many people would suggest several coats of a base, usually white, in order to achieve a brighter finish and smoother application.

You may also want to check out some clear lacquer to seal the paint work and provide a protective surface so your paint wont chip as easily plus it makes it nice and shiny!! Here is a link to some
attatch a stick and hold it to do the bottom and the horns, and then hang it to do the sides and the front and back
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coat hanger, then hang that on the washing line in the garden. that's how i did mine.
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yeah a washing line is a good one to try although i never liked spraying outdoors as the wind tends to affect the spray.... then again I live in the UK and the weather is never good here LOL!!