I have really fallen for the Vibro king and tweed sounding amps (SRV, Keef, Jimi, The who) and was wondering if there is any thing cheaper that will get those kinds of tones.

I heard orange rockers clean channels sound like a hiwatt which supposeidly sounds like a vox and a tweed amp which would get the tone i want...but is that true?

max budget of 700 pounds.
Well Jimi's tone is a Plexi methinks - that being a Fender Bassman with 12AX7s, EL84s and different speakers and output impedance; Pete Townshend used to use Bassmans, then JTMs & Plexis, then Hiwatts and now the Vibrokings (he claims to use a midboost unit to boost them); SRV uses Blackface Fenders but also the odd Marshall; and i'm not sure on keef....

But then Jimi also used a lot of Fuzz and Blackface Fenders too also.

So you need an amp that has Plexi-style OD but blackface cleans.

If you can try one, see if you can try a Fender Supersonic. Pricey, but versatile and good. Maybe also a Ceriatone could be considered? There's a couple different tones there, which is the problem. Would you rather sacrifice OD for cleans (Plexi/Tweedy amp) or visa versa (Blackfacey amp)?
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Or a used ProSonic, they are out there and have more gain than the traditional fenders do.
Ive looked in to all of the amps sujjested,

Jimi's tone on are you experienced is mainly fender style amps, marshalls live,
Pete Townshend used to use but the tone im after is the live 8 tone (Vibrokings)
the mid boost is an EMG on borad booster
SRV uses Blackface Fenders but also kibrokings
Eric clapton curently uses tweed amps as does keef

ive looked in to hiwatt which is supposed to be able to get those kind of tones easily but then i saw that orange amps are supposed to also sound like those amps on the natural (clean channel). Is that true?

Any more suggestions for amps?