so i decided to try and work on sweep picking earlier today, playing 1 arpeggio really slowly and slowly building up speed. i was doing this one arpeggio for half an hour and my hands were aching after. is this really bad technique? is it just the amount of time thats went wrong?

ps, how do i get my muting technique better (especially when rolling 2nd inversion minor arps)

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yeah your hands will get a little tired just take a break or you'll start getting sloppy. as far as rolling, work on easier sweep shapes first and make sure you can play them up to speed and your hand knows what it should be doing. once you've learned how it should feel to sweep at faster speeds you can practice more difficult shapes that involve rolling, mid sweep hammer ons etc.
When youpractice something that has you doing repitition over and over it gets you more tired than if you were playing a song or something because your hands are in the same postion and not moving around as much. Sounds normal to me. I get the same way when i practice a certain couple bars of a solo that are hard and i have to repeat over and over in the same position. Just play till you ge tired then take a break playing something else or put it down and then go back. Thats what i do and i practice for hours. Dont let it burn to bad you might hurt yourself and have to take a few days off. Knowing your body and whats good burn and bad burn is a good thing.
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