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does anyone know of any good ones??? lately i have been looking but i cant find many i already listen to rammstien but id like stuff alittle more RELAXED that you can sing along with i know there is one jack johnson song in french and carress me down by sublime has some spanish but do you know of any others???
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any norwegean black metal has at least 1 album in norse. and same goes for finnish folk metal. or try Tyr they sing in old faroese xD
I love french rap for some reason, I can't understand it, but it's awesome.

Check out TTC.
Also Kraftwerk have a few german songs, also KMFDM (industrial/darkwave) and Modeselektor (acid techno/house).
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Sigur Rós

WRONG: it's not in any language its just jibberish (nice jibberish though )
Santana's spanish work, simply awesome, half of supernatural enters that realm, and many songs across his records are really enjoyable too.
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Gypsy Kings?

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Francis Cabrel.
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Basshunter, check it out.
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that song Hier Kommt Alex but i don't know the name of the band
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Polish band Rootwater!

They have songs in Polish, Gypsy, French, one with some Hebrew. Good heavy band, look'em up.

Also, if you like hip-hop, check out O.S.T.R. - best Polish rapper, his beats incorporate old funk and jazz recordings.
Eths, most of their songs are in french. Lead singer is kinda scary though.
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Utada Hikaru? She's Japanese. Her song Sanctuary is good in both English and Japanese

Although her English cover of boulevard of broken dreams is a bit dodgy.
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WRONG: it's not in any language its just jibberish (nice jibberish though )

WRONG: Only ( ) is scat, the other albums are in Icelandic.

On topic:
(some) Mars Volta is sung in Spanish.
Life is like a boat by Rie Fu
It's half english, half japanese. It gives me goosebumps
There's a Beck song called Burro which is the Spanish version of his song Jackass?
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Also Kraftwerk have a few german songs

Actually most songs Kraftwerk do have versions in German AND English. The only exceptions are Autobahn (German) and Musik Non Stop (English)
Belle - Jack Johnson, more than one language!
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
The Leekspin song!!! It's Finnish folk! Great song.
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heres something to get you started (wait till about 2:10)

though they did release their stuff translated into english....but the lyrics are pretty horrible, i mean, even in the original they're often seem like a bumbling mess of words
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the spanish version of almost honest by megadeth..not so relaxing though, and only part of it's spanish. also a tout le monde by megadeth has french bits in
Die Toten Hosen (which means "The Dead Pants") are pretty cool. They're German. I like The Pillows as well. They're Japanese.

Hybrid Rainbow - The Pillows:
Hier kommt Alex - Die Toten Hosen:
Instant Music - The Pillows:
I Think I Can - The Pillows:
Alles aus Liebe - Die Toten Hosen:
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hier commt alex?
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Francis Cabrel.

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