My band are Some Electric Life.

We're an alternative rock band that draws influences from Incubus, Tool, Radiohead and Bloc Party.
However our sound is unique, from the pulsating Pendulum esque intro of Lights, to the immediate propulsive riffs of Lost It and finally to the gentle lament of Unforgiven.
That is just a glimpse at our EP, we are recording a full debut album soon this summer, featuring such songs as Makemake, Modern Limits, This Is The Time and alot more!

Download our EP and add us at www.myspace.com/someelectriclife
<3 incubus and radiohead, but your music isnt clicking. My friends say you should say it sounds more like pearl jam but im not getting that, were all sitting around chilling in a room in poland, i like the intro to your first song though, work on the timing in some of the recordings (yuckk)
uhhh gear.....
schecter 006 elite... ze red one..
line 6 hd150 head and 412 cab,
Thanks for your input guys!

Hmm. Well I'm sorry it hasn't clicked for you, but I hope you persist with it. Keep in mind, we formed in February and we recorded this in March.
just listened to the dancing about architecture ep, it sounded good. i think that lights is my favorite on the ep. and the album art is cool looking as well.
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Thank you very much

A friend of ours did the EP art for free for us. We we're gonna mass produce the CD but we got caught up with Exams, by the time they'd finished we wanted to record an album.

Lights seems to be the general favourite. It's quite ironic that the intro to it was inspired by Dance music, the filtering effects and such. But it's in an unorthadox time signature (9/16) so it's quite undanceable!

Have any of you tried listening to headphones? I'm told that the mix is alot clearer then.
Hey, I'm just giving you guys a listen and the first track I listened to was "Lights" and I must say that the intro was incredibly catchy, and the rest of the song did not disappoint. The vocals sound great and the quality is really good too - everything is mixed really well. Overall, a good track but I think it drags on for a bit too long.

Next I'm listening to "Unforgiven" which seems to be the right length - not too long and not too short. It's very catchy and the drumming fits extremely well. Once again, the vocals sound really good.

Last but not least, I'm listening to "Lost It" and am really enjoying the lead guitar lick and the drumming. The vocals sounds really great once again. Yet another catchy tune! Also, excellent guitar solo - it fit really well for the most part.

Overall, I have two small things to recommend. The first comment is about the drummers crash cymbal. It sounds bad. The actual playing is done well, but I don't like the sound of that cymbal - maybe it's just my personal taste. The second thing I'd recommend is turning up the bass a bit because I can barely hear it (maybe it's just because my sub is off at the moment).

If you've got a few minutes check out my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think. You can find my myspace in my sig and here's my thread on UG http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
Lights - pretty good, nice solo
Lost It - also pretty good, I like the chorus. Again, nice solo
Unforgiven - Nice change of pace, shows you can do more than loud

Overall, pretty good. Not too fond of the singers voice, but oh well, I'm sure other people do
I agree with Superblob, not real fond of the vocals, but the music is not bad.

Lost It: a little too eratic for me, the main riffage is pretty cool though. the drums kind of annoyed me on this track. The solo sounds badass as all hell though.

Lights: The intro sounds really sweet, almost a techno kind of feel. The rest of the song is okay, the chorus sounds great but the vocals don't seem epic enough to match would otherwise be a great hook. Solo was okay.

Unforgiven: Not much to say, good softer tune. Vocals are better here.
Hai 2 u
Thank you very much for your crit. We'll take on board all the comments. In our defense, these three songs are the first three songs we'd ever written as a band. Our singer was previously the lead guitarist of a band, so it wasn't exactly easy for him to make the conversion.

It cost £120 to make. Took us six hours, live takes with vocal overdubs.
I enjoyed this E.P alot.

Track 1 Lost It.
First track on E.P's are dificult, i think you did an extremly good job with this.
When i first heard the opening riff, i wasnt to sure, but as soon as the chorus kicks in, i was pretty much hooked. I thought the solo was pretty epic, and i liked the vocals in the chorus. Good opener, 8/10

Track 2 Lights.
Really a great song, maybe should of put it as the last song. Well structered from the "techno" like riff, into the hard rocking riff. Lyrics absoultly stunning for this, the solo seems slightly lack luster at some points, but picks up.
Song overall has a show stopper feel to it live. I think people will go home with "And the lights....surround me" In their heads for days on end.
Great song. 10/10

Track 3 Unforgiven.
Very good soft song.
Maybe should of been the 2nd song. I think it could have been beter mixed. But i think the vocals have the best mix on this track. Good simple song, is almost uplifting in a downer sort of way. Well structred. Has a nice feel to it as the E.P ends, may of been beter with a fade out.
- 8/10.

Over all i give the E.P 8/10. Great start, im sure that it will only get better and better from now.

Can't wait to hear more of you guys.
Thanks for your comment. I agree with sequencing, we should have put Lights last. But nevermind, we'll have better sequencing on the album hopefully.

What kinda genre would you say we guys are? Do we sound like anybody in particular?