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SOUNDS like a banjo

but PLAYS like a guitar?

that may well be the most ridiculous combination ive ever heard.
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"This Banjitar Is Setup And Tuned Before It Is Shipped."

...woah... I could be wrong - but I'm almost sure you shouldn't ship an instrument in tune... it should be downtuned to make sure the strings are somewhat slack... but I can't for the life of me remember why.

It was in a Total Guitar article, that much I know.

Just thought I'd say, anyway.

(Also... sounds like a banjo, but will have problems playing music written for banjos, or any form of banjo style tune, surely?)
I seriously think...
that is the most possible ugliest neck
you could pu on that instrument!!!
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There's a cool vid of satch playing something VERY simmilar with someone banging on a drum stool for rythm, and weirder still, it's satch with hair!
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