Im looking for a pedal for my amps, and i would like distortion as a first priority, but i like multi effect pedals as well.

For a distortion pedal, i like the Metal Muff.

For the same price, there is a multi effects pedal that im looking at.

What im wondering is if the multi effects pedal will have distortion comparable to the Metal Muff, becuase if so, i would rather have all the extra effects as well. What do you think?

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The metal muff will be better for distortion but you could just sell your amp(s) and buy a used Peavey tube combo

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Stomp boxes are more concerned with giving you one great effect, while multi-effects units are more interested in giving you as many effects as they can. It's up to you. Multi-effects are good for learning what all the effects labels actually sound like, but in my opinion you'll most likely start buying individual stomp boxes later.
Multi fx will not emulate the same as the stompboxes. It's too digital and it lacks warmth than the original. It will not sound as good as the modeled stompbox.

If i were you, I'd go for the metal muff. If you want to explore the the different sounds of fx, get the digitech but I don'g recommend digitech.

I also recommend sansamp gt-2 as your distortion rather than the metal muff.

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