Have you ever used emule or limewire and ended up with big PC problems (virus and spyware), well i have, all my friends who used these download programs have had PC problems EVENTUALLY, wether it made the pc slower or brought a virus there are many problems:

1) possibility of having spyware and/or a virus
2) Bad quality music
3) much slower computer
4) used up disk space (by your download program, i.e. limewire)
5) you could get caught

well i found a few ways to avoid ALL of this and still fill your mp3 player with songs!

Method 1) buy cds/Sync all your CDs (thus isn't free though lol)

Method 2) go around asking your friends if they can lend you their cd's so that you can either sync them and/or copy them

Method 3) here is the speacial method:

Download a program called "mp3 my mp3" (type in google)
install the program and in the recording options select: "stereo mix)

open youtube and find your video (with the desired song) press record on the recording program and press play (quickly one after another), when the song is over. you click stop on the program.

How it works: basically the program (mp3 my mp3) records any sound in your computer, so it perfectly records the song you seleted on youtube, no spyware, no virus, good quality (if not perfect) and it's free!

there is a more detailed guide on www.wikihow.com

Note: i am simply sharing these ideas, i'm not saying that i aprove of them or encourage them, because these methods are AS illegal AS downlload programs are, they just have more benefits.
Uh youtube videos are a bit lower in sound quality I believe. They are also converted to mono sound, so stereo wouldn't matter. Additionally, I believe many programs can do that.
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Go into independent music stores and pick up the free CDs on the counter.
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