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what do you think is the most versatile gutiar in the world, that can do John Mayer to Opeth, Jimi Hendrix to Van Halen....

id say the Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS Floyd Rose (500 in GC)...

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I'd say some sort of Les Paul.
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Moog guitar.

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ibanez claims its S prestige model is

+1 to the guy who said SGs, they're wonderful

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The wangcaster.


No, but seriously. probably a customized HSS Strat.
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As much as I hate to say this I think it might very well be the Ibanez E-Gen, has anyone else actually looked at the switching options on that thing?

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I reckon there's a consensus that Strats, Les Pauls and, to a lesser extent, Teles can all do almost anything. They've all been used for everything from country through psychedelia to metal, so I'm inclined to agree.
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I know this won't win, but its my own guitar and I love its versatility.

Fender Jaguar, soft single coil in neck for blues, twangy single coil in bridge for country/rockabilly, neck and bridge in series for heavier humbucking stuff.

Then bam! the rhythm circuit for bassy tones (not like a bass really but still cool if you get the settings right).

Nice big 1meg tone pots with that weird sonic switch to give me much more tonal versatility then say a strat or tele.

And a nice little tremolo at the back for added kicks.

I know Jags get a rough ride, but when set up right they are my favourite Fender. Took freaking ages to get my right and I'm scared everytime I pick it up incase I upset it, but that makes it all the more fun!

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line 6 variax hands down -.-
its not just one guitar tht can do everything
its like 12

It's actually 25. I haven't found anything more versatile then my variax 700.
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BC Riches are the most versatile guitars, because their shape lets you play metal and blues, like Yngwie Malmsteen.
I honestly think it would have to be a 7 string with two humbuckers with coil splitters, a single coil in the center position, a phase switch, a floyd rose, and about 10 knobs and switches for volume and tone.
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Les Paul or some kind of Caparison
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Strat, since they're so easily modded.
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well i don't know about in the world but the most versatile guitar iv played is my schecter c1-classic does everything from jazz to death metal with ease
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Quote by scott58
It's actually 25. I haven't found anything more versatile then my variax 700.

not to mention you can customise models/tuning. it has 50 stock tones and 60 switching positions on the guitar (12 banks each with 5 patches per bank), but you can customise every one of these settings with that workbench software. It doesn't sound as good as the real thing, mind, it sounds kinda artificial, especially when you have worn out strings, but its still a very versatile guitar. I don't know if its more versatile than one of those guitars with midi pickups though.. EDIT: Like the Godin FacingUsAll posted.

also that les paul HD6Xpro or whatever it is could be pretty versatile, due to the fact it has an output for each string...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
If it was a digital guitar it would be the Line 6 Variax. If it was a standard guitar HSS Strat.
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Has to be this

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Has to be this

looks like a mutant wangcaster with more strings...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
what do you think is the most versatile gutiar in the world, that can do John Mayer to Opeth, Jimi Hendrix to Van Halen....
Strat, PRS, Strat, Strat.

That being said, I'd say HSS Strat. I've always loved how it sounded, but I could never get used to the feel of strats, I just prefer LPs.

And for the love of all that is guitar, stop saying SG!
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