Ok... I finally got a lap top. I'm just not a big computer person. Ok, I know there's a lot of computer programs out there for music. I wanna know what you guys recommend to buy. I want something that's simple and easy to use. I want to be able to layer/loop Riffs and voicing. Control the drum beat and tempo and of course be able to add bass lines or piano. Also, what kind of mic would you recommend to play/sing and record? I'm so excited lol
I'm probably the only one who will recommend you Fruity Loops. I can do pretty much anything I can think of with it But then my techniques are rather unorthodox.

A lot of people will probably say Reason.

Try a few programs out and see which is easiest to work with.
i have a dj friend that's got fruity loops. that thing looks complicated! lol Cubabase and Reason. I'll look into those. thanks guys.
I've had quite a lot of luck with Reaper in the past couple of days for a mostly free solution
Reaper? why? let me know the pros and cons please. like i said, i'm a moron when it comes to computers.
Some of the free programs can be alright, but to do anything serious you really need an advanced sequencer with high quality pluggins, I have both Logic Pro and Cubase SX3, both are really great and although they aren't exactly simple to use at first, you adapt to them, and once you can use programs at this level its really easy to adapt to other industry standards that you might encounter in studio's etc. That's just my opinion anyway, if you want to start with some of the cheaper ones that's fair enough
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Cool Edit Pro is pretty easy and accessible for free as well. Great for novices and intermediates.

See on the lefthand side, you see R S M in the small red, yellow and green boxes for each layer. By clicking the R on that button it allows you to record on that layer. You can then unclick that layer after you've recorded say, a guitar part. Go to another layer, throw some headphones on, click R on the new layer, hit "Record" and it'll play the guitar part you just recorded allowing you to sing to your guitar. Additionally, you can also edit each layer which will allow you to loop everything etc. etc.
Reaper is a nice program. Not free but very affordable and you get a useful trial version.
If you have more cash to spend, Cubase or Sonar would be a good way to go IMO however these programs can be a little harder to learn being a high end type software.

The more you spend with any computer program you will learn to use it and before you konw it, you'll be a pro.
I certainly wouldn't go with Reason, as it can't record audio, only MIDI. Fruity Loops isn't great for audio either IMO. I'd go for Reaper , since you have only just gotten into recording.
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fruity loops is excellent for making loops and using vsti's. if you plan on doing anything with a keyboard (or want to do something with a keyboard) then fruity loops is excellent. if you plan on doing guitar only i recommend acid all the way. acid 4.0 is free from sonys website right now, they want you to use 4.0 and go "wow this is great i saw 6.0 is for sale how much is it and what more can it do!?!?!" but chances are 4.0 should be more than adequate for whatever. personally i record synth in fruity loops, export it as a wav file into acid and do all my guitars/vox in acid.
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wow that's free!? lol sweet. i appreciate all the info guys.

No. Being 'accessible for free' is suggesting that it might be obtained for free by other means if you don't mind somebody's family taking the hit for your lack of willingness to pay someone for their hard work.

Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition as of about three years ago. I expect if you had a version of Cool Edit Pro, it would be entirely unsupported.

If Cubase looks like something you might be interested in, I have heard that Steinberg's Sequel is quite easy to use and has a great feature set for getting started, and isn't too expensive.

Reaper is apparently awesome, though much more sophisticated and will probably take longer to learn. I think it is free to try and $50 to buy after the trial or something like that. A steal of a deal.

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To TS, if you're going to download illegaly that's your buisness, just don't talk about it on these forums, alot of people here are strongly apposed to it, which is understandable really. Occasionally i'll download an album when I'm really strapped for cash, I usually try to buy it legitimatley when I have some cash but I can't always. (not complaining, I know theres litteraly hundreds of millions that have it worse than I do) I've gone of on a rant again, anyway, point is...I actually don't even remember what my point was haha, anyway I hope you've taken something constructive from this rant.
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good stuff. and no, lol no illegal downloads for me. i'm not concerned about the money actually. i just want something good. i've bought so much expensive crap that's totally not worth the money. that's why i asked ya'll so far i've gotten a lot of info. thank you guys.