Hello there =]

My brother's strat copy's bridge is bending forwards and rising out of the body at the back. Now mine did the same thing but I had it repaired by using a metal plate in there or something. Now my cousin said that I don't need to do this because he fixed the same problem on his guitar. Any idea of how to fix this?

thanks, Joey =]
Sounds like you need more tension, i.e. more springs on the trem, or screwing the claw further into the body.

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err, adjust the tension on the springs in the back

move that plate they're attached to either forwards or backwards to get it the bridge level with the body
If its the 6 screw style then most of the time just cranking the screws on the spring claw will do it. If its the floating 2 screw style then you gotta put a block of wood inside the guitar and crank the screws down on the claw.