well i know this guy pretty good that works in Guitar center and he said they were losing money so they said they cant lower sale price or throw in little things like picks strings or whatever for big sales, i asked him when this started and he said last monday? have you heard about this?
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I have heard about it, but I thought it started much earlier.
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it started months ago, maybe their store was just late
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Yeah, I also heard about this months ago and I live in the UK where we don't even have GC, looks like his shop is just behind the times a bit.
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Yes it is sadly true...
Its the reason why I didnt buy my RR3...
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they've been saying that for over a year

some people can hook you up but most can't
you just have to be lucky when choosing who you are going to get a sale from. The highest authority, the manager, will usually be the one to give you that sort of stuff.
It's semi-true.

I still haggle @ GC because I actually buy a lot of stuff from them over the course of a year.

It's now at the manager's discretion - and corprate tracks it as well

If you're someone who goes in and "tests" things you don't buy you're going to pay sticker price now. I mean, they own MF, M123, etc... so they're not in competition like they used to be.

If you're like me - I tend to go in on weekday afternoons and tell them what I want and leave (most of my purchases are pro audio) without testing, etc... - it's a little different.

I am still getting the same discount that I got before the "no deals" policy - enough to make me not order from Sweetwater - sometimes.
I just bought a pedalboard last month. Along with a boss tu-2 tuner. and a cable.

I got them all for the original price of the pedalboard. The pedalboard was originally like $250 without tax, I think he sold it to me for $180 maybe, the tu-2 for $60 and $10 for the cable I believe. I bought all my stuff of the guy though. I never have to ask for a discount. He always just gives it to me.
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maybe 123 gives discounts. I was mentioning them because now that MF, GC, 123 are all the same company. good to know they give money off
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Hmm Maybe my GC hasn't caught on yet, I went in once wearing a Black Label society shirt I was looking for a nice guitar and a amp because I need a new amp, so he see's me and said you like zakk and I said yeah he said try his sig, I sit down to a raven amp (Don't there horrendus) and he said come over here to a line6 not the best but the overdrive was brutal. took alittle getting used to the frets on the guitar but after and hour or so. I was ready to go. he said he could do the whole set for $1000. and the normal price of the stuff is $799 for the guitar and like $400 for the amp. and some thing else I decide to pass up but this was like 3 months ago and I didn't haggle I would have asked for $900 or $950.

soo I guess its differnt everywear
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really. you can haggle if you really really insist. also if someone turns you down pretend like you're leaving and haggle from another salesperson. it works. they did it for me recently iono what people are complaining about. they say no but they still do it.
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