I have A 2002 Fender Mexican HSS Stratocaster... I have a string tree for the ^E and B... I was figuring on putting on one for the G and D... as my father's strat has... i think i havent seen him in months... I am doing it for two reason...

1. I think it looks cleaner on the headstock
2. I hate the way it looks now

Do it myself of let a pro do it?

If i do it...tips?
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It'd be pretty easy to do I think. Just make sure you put in correctly and in the right spot.
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if there isn't one there now, there is probably no need for it. Personally, I never use it, I always put the string on top pof them.

That being said, if you really want one, do it, it won't be a hard install (just predril a hole first, don't just screw right into the headstock or it could break.