Ok, I was messing with the action on my Peavey Raptor Plus EXP, because I have fret buzz, and Im afraid of screwing with my truss rod. So I was changing the action with an allen wrench, and the saddles are all stripped (I guess it was whoever set it up) So now I cant change the action. Does anyone have any tips, or something? Should I get new saddles, and hope for better luck? What should I do? (Sorry, Im a noob at these things)
Also when raising the action, should all of the strings be about even? And will changing the action mess up my intonation? (I think my intonation is off a little bit anyway)
If this is the wrong place to put this, just tell me. I would just like these things cleared up so I can learn these things.
EDIT: so is screwing with the back of the saddles what screws up intonation, or is it changing the action?
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Don't be afraid of your truss rod. fret the first fret and the 14th fret. while holding those two frets at the same time, look at your 6th fret. if there is a gap there, tighten the truss rod. if the strings are touching the fret, loosen the rod. just do it gently, and at about a quarter turn at a time. DO NOT USE THE TRUSS ROD AS A FORM OF ACTION ADJUSTMENT. It's to correct neck bowing.

As for action,it's kind of a personal preference on height, but if you're lookin' to go low, as most guitarists are, lower the strings to you're desired height by loosening the screws in the saddle. To check if you can get away with you're chosen height start by playing the string open, then progressively work your way up the neck fretting each note on the string. as you work your way down listen for buzzes. if you hear one, raise the action by tightening the two screws on the saddle just a little bit at a time, til the buzz is gone, then proceed for each fret.

To check intonation, pluck your string open, then fret the twelfth fret. They should be an octave apart. Double check with a tuner that it is indeed (if on the sixth string) E when played open, and E again when played on the 12th fret. If it sound that the 12th is a little high, back the saddle closer toward the bridge (away from the fretboard) by tightening the screw. if it sounds that the 12th is kinda low, push the saddle away from the bridge (towards the fretboard) by loosening the the screw.
Keep in mind, every time you adjust the screws, you're throwing the string out of tune. i highly suggest doing this with a tuner, and every time you adjust the screw, play the string open and put it back into tune, then check the 12th fret again.

i recommend adjust your guitar in this order.
Or at least that's how i do it.

And yeah, if the saddle screws are stripped, i really recommend buying new saddles.
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If you can take the saddles off sometimes you can get the adjustment screws out from the other side. Problem is getting the screws there are several sizes used and several thread pitches. So probably be alot easier to get some new saddles.