what are some good amps or brands of amps for playing a mixture of classic rock, blues, and jam stuff? The stuff i play resembles bands like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Bros, Phish, blind melon, the Beatles, Howlin Wolf, ect...

I really want like, a warm, punchy tone, and i would like to keep it around $500 if thats possible.

Thanks a ton in advance for your help=]
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Warm, punchy and cheap, eh? It won't be long before someone posts the right answer

Is that sarcasm?
ok, ill look into that.

haha for the last like two months ive played like 3 gigs with a 15 watt amp that has a mic hanging in front of it.

what else are u playing with, and how loud do you need to be?

are u looking for just a lil bit bigger, say 100-150 watts. or are u looking for wattage closer to that of a full/half stack?
Well, as smb suggested, this ashdown head coupled with this ashdown cab should do the trick. I have this set up, as does seemingly every bass player on a similar budget. It's nothing remarkable, but it'll do the job.

I would reccommend trying to find the new version of that head though, which now comes with a compressor. I'm quite annoyed that they released the new only a few months after I bought the old one, but, oh well.
uh i play with a loud drummer ( i cAnt get him to play softly) and two fairly loud, i think like 100 and 150 watt guitarists. im looking to get as much wattage as is humanly possible.

i was looking at this amp, and it seemed pretty decent.

also, whats the difference between 2 10" speakers and 1 15"?
They sound different. The 10s are more responsive and brighter, the 15 is more boomy. I don't really like the Ashdown 115 on its own.
Ashdown, or Trace Elliot.

And as for speakers, it depends on what music you're playing. I do a lot of jazz, reggae.... stuff that needs a fat, bouncy low-end, so I really like bigger speakers. In fact, I now use a 1x18.

With 10" speakers, you get a lot more cutting top-end, but you lose low-end response. With most 2x10's, the low-end comes from the cab construction, not the speakers. However, for most rock stuff, 10" and 12" speakers will probably work best, especially if you want to cut through. However, if you're in a band with two loud guitars, you're going to probably want a 4x10 to chop through the mix. My band only has one quiet, atmospheric guitarist, so I can easily get away with one giant speaker.
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uh i play with a loud drummer ( i cAnt get him to play softly) and two fairly loud, i think like 100 and 150 watt guitarists. im looking to get as much wattage as is humanly possible.

Why do your guitarist have 100/150 Watt amps. To do a small to medium gig you need 70max, depending on how loud your drummer. Hell my Dad plays Rhythm in a blues band with a 30watt combo, and people here him fine, the lead has a 50. If the guitars become a problem, tell them to STFU a bit and turn the amps down. I would say go with 300Watts to be safe anyway.


A Large speaker, great for producing those low boomey notes, however notes are not so well defined.


Two smaller speakers, can't get as low as the 1X15", but the note definition is much higher, giving a more punchy tone.

Most people use a stack of a 1X15 with a 2X12" or 4x10" to get a good low end while keeping the definition.
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they have really loud amps because we're young and we want to ensure that our hearing is impaired when were older
I have an Ashdown MAG 300 combo which i had for almost two years, i think the new model is called EVOII or something. Anyways, i love the tone its really clean and punchy and got a good low end on it. I might buy another cab to attach onto it to give it more of a boost whilst playing live. But other than that its great - DI straight in for the engineer to root through the PA - happy days.
im pretty much set on getting the ashdown mag 2x12. the only problem is that there are no dealers around here that carry it. I know ill have to buy it online, but im kind of skeptical. i dont know how much i trust the internet