The 5-way pickup selector on my Squier Stratocaster has always acted weird. Now it's to the point where I can't stand it. Whenever I switch pickups, it usually works. But sometimes it results in silence, and me having to delicately balance the selector on the spot that causes it to work. This can be very difficult and VERY annoying. My friend's Dad claims that this is because that it's dirty. Is this true? If not, what is the case? And if it is true, how do I clean it? Thanks very much!
it may be down to dirt and dust on the contacts.

remove the scratchplate and clean the contacts and check for loose wiring

may as well clean rest of electronics while your there
If you or anybody you know can solder, it will cost you like a whoping 5 dollars to put in a new one.
This is a common problem. Try opening the scratchplate and see what's wrong. If you can't fix it, bring it to a tech.

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The switches in guitars go out alot. Cheaper guitars the switch just goes out faster. Sometimes cleaning it will help if not a new switch isnt that much.