I'm on a track team and my throat always gets so dry after I run so I drink like 2 bottles of water in like 10 minutes then I have to go pee like every minute for the rest of the day. What's a good substiute for water when your throat is really dry? Thanks
gatorade? or try not drinking so much. are you chugging it?
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you could try chewing chewing gum or an apple or something like that

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If you pee every minute for the rest of the day it means your kidney's full and you don't need any more water. Drink about a half of a bottle of water right after your practice, that'll keep your peeing down and should moisten up your throat as well.
Drink sports drinks like Lucoszade it keeps you hydrated so you dont pee
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drink slower, and chew gum, chewing gum helps keep the throat lubricated, lot's of singers chew gum for that reason.
sour candy. like really sour. it makes you salivate like hell. you still need some water though
Run more, and just sweat out the water. You don't have to pee as much.
Maybe gargle the water instead of drinking it? This way your mouth with be moist, but you won't have to drink so much..or pee for that matter
After a whileof drinking water excessively you will get adapt to it and only need to go as normal.
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Well I do track very early in the morning and later in the day I'm in a musical where I have to sing a ton which just makes my throat even more dry. I'll try chewing gum but dosn't all that saliva also make you pee?
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Well I do track very early in the morning and later in the day I'm in a musical where I have to sing a ton which just makes my throat even more dry.

Then drink water before you start singing, don't just do it all in one go. Like I said, drink only as much as you need. If you drink too much, you'll just be wasting water which will then be peed out.
I drink lots of water all the time, I don't know why, I just like to I guess. I handle going to the loo often, but I think my body feels better for it TBH.
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water'll make you pee less than any other drink


Drinking 'sports drinks' don't make you any less thirsty. It just gives your body salts and sugars, which unless you're definitely going to burn off, is just going to add to your bodyfat.
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Don't drink so much water before, it's not required by your body, and to replenish yourself drink Gatorade or a sports drink during. It replaces electrolytes (the white stuff that'll collect if you wear a hat), which is best for the body, especially during physical activity. Then drink chocolate milk after the practice, I don't remember exactly why, but I was advised that for cross country. There is some surplus that it has which is great, plus it tastes good.
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water'll make you pee less than any other drink

You sure?

I thought it was a Diuretic?
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