I'm not really a bass player, but I've played around with some in the past and figure that I could get decent one day, so I'm gonna need an amp.

Ampeg BA115T 1X15 100 Watt Bass Combo Amp $500
Hughes & Kettner BK100 BassKick series Bass Combo $520
Nemesis N28 Combo Amp $380
Nemesis N15S Silver Series Bass Combo $500
Roland Cube 100 Bass Amp $450
Warwick Sweet 15.2 150W 1X15 Bass Combo Amp $500
Yorkville BassMaster XM100C Combo $420

Keep in mind that I'm looking for VOLUME (To play in a rock/metal band), portability, headphone jack (For practicing), and the best bang for my buck. Thanks alot guys =).
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