A few days ago my parents computer crashed then a couple days later my computer stoped working and i need help heres the story.

The cable comes thru the wall and into the router and then a wire to my rents compe, my computer is running off of a wireless connection. As i said before my parents computer totally crashed and mmine worked fine. Now my computer is doing something and it wont let me go on the internet, everthing offline works it even says that im connected to the net and when i open up a browser it says im not connected to the net. So i tried plugging my computer into the wass like my rents was, and it says im connected but it dose the same thing. BTW im typing this from my public library soo... yea. I really need help i dont know whats going on with my computer.
Is it on vista? Because their internet setup is an absolute farce anyway.

No idea though, bro. Good luck.
Wait, what is even more puzzling is, why do half of your sentences have perfect grammar, and the other half are horrible? I'm not going grammar nazi or anything, but that was the only thing I caught.

Anyway, maybe the internet in your general vicinity is dead?

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the router might be fried. they usually dont last very long. maybe there was a power surge and knocked out the router and your parents computer?
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thats the other thing im worried about i was loookin at pr0no i always clear mah histru and encrypt it unlike my friends btw im 13.. but i digress from my point, my old router did get fried in a surge but we have a new one im not sure if ther was another surge and im guessing my rents computer did get surged too, but that has nothing to do with my computer. I did try using a wired connection on my comp but it dosnt work either. It dose the same thing as when it was on a wireless connection.