so yeah got rid of my ****ty mg and my marshall jackhammer and with a bit extra cash got me a jcm900 and an mxr boost/od. i love the sound i get but i was wondering about one thing. so ok the amp distortion isnt brutal so i wanted to boost it a little BUT....everyone says that one the od pedal u need to dial in level at full and gain at zero right? well my boost/od has tone, level and gain that work for the od but if i dial the level high it pushes the amp just a bit more so its very nice...but if i dial the gain at zero like people say i would for a tubescreamer....i get a "clean" sound...but it only produces sound THE MOMENT i pick the strings....like for an instant of a second not more...its real weird its like i was rolling off the volume..instead of like CLIIIINNGGGG...CLIINNNNGGG....i get CLING....CLING u know? its really hard to explain and i was just wondering about that.
You've not explained that very well, but you can have a bit of gain dialed in, and just crank the pedal's volume so it pushes the amp.
Are you using it over the amp's OD?
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ok look....say if i dial the gain to zero(as in the lowest it ll go) it KINDA sounds like my guitars volume all the way down...a kinda pseudo clean sound BUT....it like only produces sounds when the moment i pick...and normally when the note would sustain like for abit...like CLIIINNNNG......u just hear a CLING like for a split second...and then NOTHING...as in no more sound whatsoever until i produce another pick of the strings....think of it as like noise gate i guess??? like that all sounds under a certain volume/intensity wont even sound....plus my amp was making a kinda weird noise that persisted even when i rolled the master all the way down...power tubes maybe? fooking up? like a sort of bbzzz static like only for a few like instances and thne stopped....real weird...and i turned the master down AND unplugged my guitar...weird...dunno if those two are linked but yeah....i m more like suprised about the whole note not ringing when the gain was at zero
Experiment with the pedal. I know a lot of people say gain at 0 and level cranked. But I have my TS9 set with the gain at around 9 o clock and the level just past 12 and it works great with my amps gain channel.
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