Hey guys,
Currently have an effects loop and a chain with my distortion/overdrive pedals in.....just bought a Behringer EQ pedal and a Boss TU-2 and they are on their way in post!
Firstly, where do I stick the TU-2, effects loop or chain? And beginning or end?
Secondly I bought the EQ pedal to shape my distortion pedal so where do I stick that pedal?
Actually to add to this futher, the distortion pedal in question is a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone; should I leave the settings on the pedal at 12 o clock and shape the sound via the EQ pedal or shape on both pedals??
Cheers bro! So even though I wanna shape the Distortion in the chain I should still put it in the FX loop yea?
O.o, you want to shape the distortion, put it after the mt-2 then.

so then it should be
I wouldn't set the MT-2 knobs all to 12 o'clock. That pedal has some pretty decent EQ and it really shapes the sound drastically. The EQ would be better for fine tuning, not total tone shaping of the MT2.

As for the EQ in the loop it really is for personal taste. Generally if you are using the EQ as a lead boost it is better in the loop, but for what you are doing it would be fine in front of the amp, IMO.
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tweak the eq on the metal zone to your likings, if you can get what you want, use the eq elsewhere, if not, then use eq post metal zone