Does anyone know any good metal tracks to learn that are fairly easy, im struggling to find songs that dont contain ridiculously complex solo's so anything nice and simple would be a treat.
any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
For Whom the Bells Toll - Metallica...its a pretty easy song, i dont even think it has a solo...but i might be wrong.

Battle Song - Ensiferum...their folk metal but its a pretty bad ass song...no solos and its basic chords.
Pantera's Immortally Insane is a killer track, and the solo's pretty simple.

Opeth - Deliverance, just awesome riffs all the way through it.

Most Rage Against the Machine tracks, Bombtrack, Guerilla Radio, Wake Up etc.

Harvester of Sorrow and Sad But True by Metallica are some others.

EDIT: Totally forgot about For Whom the Bell Tolls haha, first Metallica song I learned all the way through.
Check out the "Suggest me a song" thread. Thank you.

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