Why is it impossible to get your guitar gear to sound as good as wat it sounds in demo videos?

Like my GT-8 i can never get it to sound as sweet at their demo videos.
Because they are probably running them through a dumble... Companies are notorious for playing there pedals and effects through really high dollar boutique gear and not telling you what they ran it through.
To many variables. Different guitars, different amps, and they might hire jimmy page or EVH to do the demos.

well they use differnt settings, players effect tone. Recording compression, all that good stuff changes the tone. And so do you.

/pointless thread
It's always gonna be impossible to get the same sound. Down to the settings of the gear, the gear used itself, even down to the strings and the amount of time they've been on! Anyone can stumble across a good tone that goes as the strings wear and will never get it back to exactly the same, it's just a case of finding something different instead of struggling to get a lame version of the tone that's similar to the one you're copying.
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