Peavey EXP Generation Series QCM 33964 Metallic Gold Finish, Ive never seen any one in this model (ive seen the newer model but none of the older model) a guy at guitar center said he's never seen one before. Great condition, a missing knob but I have the switch knob thing. Pickups are just stock pickups. It sounds great.

Im looking to sell it for a reasonable price

or trade for a good amp amp.

or an ipod touch maybe

or maybe an X-box 360

whatever else I guess, just offer.






PM me or post here if interested!.
im just curious, is it better than a Squier Strat do you think?
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Quote by Ibanez2427
im just curious, is it better than a Squier Strat do you think?

ive played a squier strat, and ive borrowed one from my friend for about two months.

and this guitar totally destroys it.

On clean it has unbelievable sound, it even makes my MG sound decent. and when I have overdrive on its perfect for metal, deathmetal, hardcore, and even the soft rock stuff.

It sounds great, the squier strat doesnt even put a dent in this.