Ok, I'm a beginner and I'm just starting to learn to play. Thing is I don't have a guitar yet. Now the dilemma is whether I should get the Yamaha FG730S for an acoustic, or should I get the Yamaha FGX730SCA which is an AE guitar which I could get for the same price as the FG730S. So since I'm a beginner should I just the acoustic or should I get the acoustic/electric?
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If you can get to a store and try them, pick the one you like best.
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How could you get the ae version for the same price? :/

A friend is selling it used, but it's in great condition. No damage or anything. Also it's has a solid sitka spruce top, so that's a plus right?

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If you can get to a store and try them, pick the one you like best.

Even if I did try them, I wouldn't know what to look for.
i'm not familiar with that acoustic-electric model Yamaha... but if it is literally exactly the same as the acoustic except with a pickup... and they are exactly the same price... might as well get the acoustic-electric imo.
Depends on if you plan on ever using the electronics of the AE or not. You don't buy a 4 x 4 truck, then just keep it in 2 wheel drive all the time.
If you intend on getting an acoustic amp and plugging in, then go for the AE, otherwise, stick with the basic acoustic. Either guitar are good buys, and have been given good reviews at various sites, UG included.
I do plan on using electronics, but I'll be using it acoustically more. I heard that the acoustic on the FGX730SCA is just as good, so having it able to play plugged in is a plus.

The problem is that the guitar has a USED stamp on the back of the headstock.
If your just learning, all you need is strings, picks, and I suggest you get a capo.