i'm trying to save space in my bedroom (it's not very big) so i'm thinking of getting wall stands for my guitars (i have 2)

my friend said that her dad got a wall stand and the guitar kept falling off it and breaking.

do you guys/girls think it'd be a good idea for me to get some? are they generally reliable? i don't need my guitars to break. i would probably die
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I have 3 in my room, had them for years. No problems at all, screw them into the wall studs as said before.

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I've heard that they mess up the necks and head stock, but idk don't listen to me.
I also have 3 wall stands on my room, and I can tell you they save a lot of space. They're pretty safe, too, they've never fallen or anything.

I have an acoustic, which isn't really heavy, an SG and a Les Paul, and I've never had a problem with any of the guitars, even with the Les Paul stand, since the guitar is kinda heavy. So I do recommend you to get these, just make sure they're properly set.
my cousins boyfriend made about 8 of them (he's a roadie) outta cut 2x4's, wood stain, and some wall hangers sold at hardware stores that are used for like shovels and stuff...but he made them all for about $30 and it held up better than any one my friends have bought from stores or catalogs.
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I've heard that they mess up the necks and head stock, but idk don't listen to me.

serious? I understand the rubber can react with nitro finishes, but is there any other side effects?

I'm just about to put 3 hangars up when I've finishes some decorating, so would like to know..........
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to add onto this, i have another question.

are wall stands generally really expensive or are they like 5 dollars or something?
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they usually go for $10-$20

of course that can vary but most of the ones ive seen fall in that range