Hey UG, I've been playing for the better part of a decade and i want a new electric my yamaha i baught for 450 and is an amazing guitar but i wanna improve ...I play metal but aslo alot of blues ..I want something like a H/S/S pick set up and a floyd rose a licensed floyd rose not and imitation but anything from 400 to 800 any suggestions
I have a 1987 Ibanez Saber Pro 540s that is an HSS, has a Floyd Rose trem, and can handle most types of music. If you can find one - which is difficult - I'm sure you can get it for that price..

If you live in Minnesota or there-a-bouts, I may even be persuaded in selling it to you...

Do you like playing ball crunching metal.. ie Opeth, Slayer..etc.. or softer metal?
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