Obviously I'm not new... But that doesn't mean I don't still need help

Question one: How can I see my profile comments from my profile without finding myself and clicking on my name. Example, how can I push the "my profile" button at the top right and see my comments?

Question two: how do I view the comments for my mp3s?

I truley am sorry for the fact that I suck at wording things... It's one of my many flaws
Answer one: After you click on "My Profile" you should see "View my" with a tab saying Profile near the top on the right hand side. Click. Hey Presto!

As for the mp3 comments, i imagine once you click "View my Profile" it should just the same as viewing comments on mp3s on someone elses profile. But I don't have mp3s on mine so i'm not sure.

Hope ths helped