hey guys im lookin to add the hughes and kettner tube factor to my collection. I don't want to use it as an overdrive though. More of a clean boost to add some "tube" flavor and thickness to my tone. I have a catilinbread chili picaso and a z vex super hard on for clean boosts, but i was wondering if you guys think if adding the tube factor will color my tone with a bit of that thickness if i just crank the volume and lower the gain? Or do u think its not worth it if i have those two other pedals? JUst dont have any experience with pedals that have tubes in them...let me know...thanks in advance !!
Well on a link that was one of the first ones when I googled the pedal, in the description it said it serves as a clean boost, I don't have any experience with the pedal itself though... The pedal doesn't actually have tubes in it.. Hope you find what you are looking for, if you can see if any stores in your area have it.
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i've done pretty extensive research and it does have a 12ax7 preamp tube in it. It is classified as an od pedal cause it has two different distortions on it with a gain knob...but i was thinking as using it as a clean boost to layer my keeley ts 808 over it.