I was wondering two things:

1. Will I be able to hook this up to my Fender Blues Junior? I've seen two jacks in the back of my amp that seem to give me the impression that I could possible make it run through a cabinet.

2. Will it extend the volume at which I can still retain a moderately clean tone? I'm having trouble getting a decent sound at band practices with a clean tone and it'd be wonderful if this could help.
Sorry, I know it's usually against the rules to bump, but I really want an answer, and I don't feel like being foolish enough to repost the same topic twice and get called out on it.

I just want to know if it's possible to hook this up to my Fender Blues Junior and make me louder without sacrificing my clean tone.
This is a redundant solution...

The 15w of your blues junior will still saturate at the same output level regardless of what speakers you're playing through...

Not to mention you already have a 12 inch speaker in your BJ. This wont do anything, at all, the only difference from those speakers is the BJ's 12in is 50watts and this cab is 80watts. It can handle more power, but it won't be getting it, so whats the point?

Mic your BJ.
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