pretty good the soloing guitar has weird tone and should be more distorted in my opinion also the bass (i think it's a bass) has weird timing compared to the guitar when it solos
oh wow that was great, is that real drums? or a software? if its a software what is it
I think you blew my ears out! In a good way! That was a fun song. I was thinking of a horse galloping. Had that "western" feel.
Those drums were just a loop from my zoom 707 pedal... there is no bass in there either, just 2 guitar parts!
um. the rythm guitar aint tuned, so maybe go back and fix that. also maybe turn up the amps LOUD when u record, makes a big difference. the rythm guitar also needs more tone & crunch.
pretty cool.. kinda reminds me of that song from south park in parts.. timmy and the lords of the underworld!!
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nice, short, high tempo and you werent sloppy at all, the only thing i would change with it is what other people have said about more distortion in the lead
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When I listen to it, I hear hints of Avenged Sevenfold.

Besides the quality, it could be played more smoothly.

A more metallic tone would help.

Overall, I like the riff.
fiirst negatives THEN positives, the quality could use some improvement, the solo guiar should be more distorted imo, also make the rythme guitar sound rougher, crunchier also when you play the solo, play it with more smoothness, add in more bends and slides so it plays itself!!

positives: not bad drums (considering it's a loop) also I love the guitar solo, it's really good, sounds like you have talent, good job.

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that was a funny solo really liked it . actually the sound was good in my oppion. since the solo was kindda of(in a good way), why does the sound have to standard? maybe it's just me. i liked it. cool one
I wouldn't call that an official song but a nice jam-ish thing. I don't think you need more gain on the guitar, but cleaning up your playing by softening pick attacks and using more legato sound would really help. And don't get me wrong but ditch that Zoom, the distortion tone is terrible. Also the rythym guitar was a little off and weak compared to the soloing. You got some talent man, keep it up, pretty soon you'll be shredding peoples faces off.
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Hey. I know it's a drum loop, but I would feel much nicer to have a better drum sound and more variation (i.e. not just the same loop constantly) (try Toontrack's Ezdrummer - awesome software).

Your soloing is very good (far better than mine) but the tone of the guitar I think needs to be more 'crunchy'. But good job.

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That was a cool song haha, as people have said, 'funny'

I'll bring up the quality as a slight issue, as in the guitars need to have better tone and distortion, but I found the drums alright actually.

Apart from that, it was a catchy tune, nice playing, although the rhythm sounded a little off at the start. The lead guitar was... well played, but better tone and distortion could have made it sound a hundred times better.

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It was cool I agree that the two guitars (one sounded like a bass) were timed kind of wierd but the soloing guitar sounded great!!