Does wearing V-Neck shirts make you more of a man than you already are. These girls that hang out with me and my friend always gawk over guys wearing V-Necks and they'll be like "OMG" V-Neck so cute". Me and my friend wonder what is it about this magical style of shirt that makes girls go crazy. They saw a guy with one and we're like you probably wouldn't even look at him if he wasn't wearing a v-neck. These shirts seem to hold a magical power.

I'm going to buy me one of these special shirts and be awesome.

What does the pit think?
It really matters, you get these funboys nowdays with the ridiculous huge Vs.

I prefer crewneck personally. V necks look alot better on knits and sweaters than shirts.
send me a picture of the type your talking about because there is a good few different types
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What does "V" stand for?


Therefore only virgins wear v-necks.

Makes sense.
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This man deserves my +1


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I thought you would ask a question about V-shaped guitars' necks.

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Those american apparel deep ones are not cool, I don't know I don't own even a regular one but I think i'm going to be getting one.
Yeah, they're always really tight fitting too. Like the new lyle and scott stuff you only ever see prettyboys wearing their stuff now. Used to be a good brand.
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Anyone who wears them looks like a dick.
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Anyone who wears them looks like a dick.

That is not true! Some people look stupid with it, but not everyone!
It makes you a bit of a gay if you ask me.

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i have a few. theyre uncomfortable. plus, im a hairy ass white boy, and no one wants to see more of that.

This is me. I may have unusually hairy upper arms as well, but I'm still gunna start wearing band vests when the one I ordered comes.