I'm listening to "The River" right now and I really like your voice - it sounds really good. I don't know how to explain this very well, but it's very soft and easy to listen to and the doubletracking sounds great as well. Also, the guitar solo blended in really well, but I think it should have been a tad louder so that it stood out from the mix more. The lyrics were really simple, but in the good way. Overall, a nice soft track - I like.

Next up is "This Is Not My Story" and once again, I really like your voice. You've got a great singing voice and the melody really brings out the best of the song. Also, I like the lead guitar but I think it needs to be slightly louder. Also, the rhythm guitar sounds kind of off around 2:25 but maybe that's how its intended to be.

Next up is "One Day" and from the start I don't really like the tone of the guitar that much - I think I prefer the acoustic guitar. However, your voice sounds really good in this track too. I like the echo on the vocals in this song, and normally I'm not a fan of vocal effects. When the harmony comes in at around 1:20 the second voice sounds slightly out of tune, but other than that everything sounds good to me.

Last but not least, "Find Your Way". I immediately like the guitar part - very simple yet it sounds really good. Yet again, your voice sounds really good (I'm very jealous).

Overall, I really like all these tunes and there isn't much I have to recommend in terms of improving. The only real complaint I have is that you leads are too quiet - I think they need to stand out a bit more. You have an excellent voice. Once again, I think the lead needs to be turned up a bit.

I too am working on an acoustic project. I'd appreciate it if you would spend some time to check out a couple of my songs and let me know what you think. Here's the thread about my project http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968 and you can find my myspace in my sig. I'm going to add you as a friend.

Thanks. Yeah I know the leads need to be turned up a bit hehe, it was just a little demo(our first) we threw together in a few hours though. Thanks though

edit: oh and the voice is the voice of our singer/bassist robbie, not mine unfortunately

(im jealous too)
nice! real strong underlying zep feel!!

singer has a unique voice, really soothing!! could listen for days! loving the harmonies in "the river"

loving the chorus in "this is not my story"!! it's like... incubus meets radiohead, covered by daughtry.

and congratulations on writing the first successful ballad I've heard on a non-signed myspace page! "one day" is hypnotic, melodic, and just generally lush.

and again, the chorus in "find your way" has a great hook to it!

seriously mate - this is some first class material!! would love to hear re-recorded, I'd go out and buy this stuff in HMV, no joke!!

would love to hear the first couple of tracks rocked up maybe, y'know - crank a mesa, get a PRS or something and just let those open chords rock out. sounds lush acoustic too, you guys could do anything with this material and it'd still sound great. really refreshing to hear
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