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I left handed and want to learn guitar. Should I just learn playing right handed since all the good guitars are right handed or should I just switch the strings on the right handed guitar?
i write left handed but do everything else right handed, including playing guitar. when i first started playing, i just picked up a right handed guitar and learned on it. it felt really wierd at first, but i got used to it. if i were you, i would just go with whatever is more comfortable for you. dont force yourself to play a righty just because the majority of people do.
I'm left handed but I naturally started to play right a right-handed would... Do what feels the best for you......
i'm lefthanded and i chose the righthanded path.. havent regret it so far

the increased left hand dexterity actually helps with fretting chords
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Quote by Beastern
I left handed and want to learn guitar. Should I just learn playing right handed since all the good guitars are right handed or should I just switch the strings on the right handed guitar?

Go to a guitar store and try both styles and see which feels more natural to you. One way will be so awkward feeling that it's almost alien, the other way as natural as walking. You'll know instantly.
Don't try to restring a right hand guitar backwards, it won't sound right. There's too many things that would need to be done to it to make it correct. The exception to this is certain models of classical guitars. There's basically no compensation to the saddle, and the strings being nylon will have the nut slots all cut nearly the same. Those can be switched over very easily.
Im a lefty and I play lefty because I just couldnt hack it playing right-handed. Going to the guitar store sucks because you get a selection of about 2-3 guitars you can play but there is a greater selection online. But it is funny to watch peoples reaction when they ask to play your guitar and they go to try and play it. The momentary blank stare of confusion is hilarious.
I'm a lefty and play righty. It has always felt more naturally. Conversely, I know a right handed guitaist who plays left handed.

When trying out guitars, I suppose you could just flip it upsidedown to get a feel for the tone and the neck, even if playing it will be tricky, so you can get one or two for them to order in lefty versions for you to try properly.
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I'd suggest learning right handed. I play lefty and have a very,very,very limited selection of guitars to chose from. But then again playing right handed might feel very uncomfortable so if right handed playing is impossible for you go with lefty.
im a lefty and i dont regret learning right handed...
although your picking hand may take a little longer to master, you will have a stronger left hand and be able to stretch further and play faster.
Playing righty will almost certainly feel awkward and less natural, and your picking hand will not feel very strong, however you will have an easy time learning your first chords, etc. If you do choose to go righty guitar, concentrate a lot on your picking hand. I would reccomend practicing an easy tremelo picked part to build up strength, such as Muse's Blackout. I did that, and now my picking hand is actually better than my fretting hand somehow.
Does actually make a lot of difference. In the beginning I sucked at it anyway whether I played my own right handed guitar or my sister's left handed guitar. I just kept on playing on mine and got better at it, It's sort of like writing I guess, you can train your right hand to write even if you're a lefty. Catholic schools did this in the past.

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I am right handed but i play left just feels comfortable
I love the story Tony Iommi tells about how he played a right handed SG
strung upside down. One day he comes across a right handed guitarist
with a left handed SG strung upside down as well. They traded..and that
was a guitar that became special.

There are great left handed guitarists. If you want to play lefty..
No matter what..its gonna feel awkward at first.
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I am left-handed and love to be left-handed.

I get a good feeling when another guitarist looks at me and says, YOU PLAY LEFTY?!?!

To me, it's a matter of being unique, theres PLENTY of great guitars out there for lefties, not too many, but good ones.

And don't forget, some of the world's most famous guitarists are lefties...
kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, etc..

Also another neat thing, when I play in my band, the lead guitarist plays righty and we always stand side by side with both necks going the other way... kind of like a zacky vengeance/synyster gates thing going on. It looks really good to an audience. Good luck to you.
It's true that there isn't as much choice for left handed guitars than right, so that's why i got my Legacy Firestorm (Gibson Firebird knock-off) restrung upside down seeing there was no lefty version. And i love the shape too much

I haven't seen any problems of yet except the knobs sometimes get in the way, apart from that fine.

I think everyone else summed it up
Quote by Beastern
I left handed and want to learn guitar. Should I just learn playing right handed since all the good guitars are right handed or should I just switch the strings on the right handed guitar?

Yea man !
Do the hendrix thing
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Go to Guitar Center and try lefty and righty guitars. Buy what's comfortable.
Quote by ttreat31
Go to Guitar Center and try lefty and righty guitars. Buy what's comfortable.
He doesn't play; nothing will be comfortable!

TS, you will be at a disadvantage by playing lefty. I strongly encourage you to play right handed, even if it is awkward at first. Once you get good, that awkwardness will disappear.
Quote by Beastern
I left handed and want to learn guitar. Should I just learn playing right handed since all the good guitars are right handed or should I just switch the strings on the right handed guitar?

I tried right handed for about 3 years and got to a point where I wasn't getting any better and my strumming was awful. So, I'd say play left handed and don't waste your time. besides, there are a lot of guitar legends that were lefthanded, including Hendrix and Paul McCartney.
well TS, i wasnt sure what advice i was gonna give,

but im gonna go with trying to learn to play right handed,

only because bangoodcharlotte said it, so it must be right.

(and yes, I am trying to sneak into your sig.)
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dude you should switch off on hands here and there and make a dual guitar and play like michael angleo batio!
Don't force yourself to play right-handed. It'll just hurt you in the long run. There are plenty beginning guitar books and chord books for lefties on amazon. And once you get used to right handed diagrams its easy to reverse chords and such.

(is a lefty)
I play lefty and I have absolutely no regrets.
While lefty guitars are harder to's not like its 'that' hard.
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Also, I don't own any, but I've seen several Gibson LesPauls and an occasional SG in various stores. Not to mention Tele's, Epiphones, Samicks, Gretschs, an occasional Jackson etc etc etc

So there is plenty enough selection out there, don't let people tell you there's not. You just have to be a little more patient.
I am a new lefty player and tried to learn while right handed. It did not work well in my case and I started to look at left handed acoustic/electrics at Guitar Center before buying an Ibanez AEL series and I still think I made the right choice as far as the learning curve goes and being able to be comfortable while playing.

I took lessons as a kid on a right handed guitar with swapped strings that really didn't help me, so I took that into consideration when deciding which way to go even though it was years ago now.
I'm left handed and just started.

I prefer playing with a left handed guitar, it will probably be a lot easier and you'll learn faster. On the other hand you'll have a much, MUCH smaller selection in guitars.
I'm right handed and I play lefty...^^
Dude,play just like you do when you play an air guitar! xD
That's the most comfortable way.
I heard the guys at the music stores tell people the same thing when it came to a choice of a lefty guitar .
I'm a lefty and I chose to play righty. I made the decision because when I thought about it, both hands have a significant contribution when playing the guitar, so regardless of what way you start, you've got a huge amount of stuff to learn.

I've found advantages and disadvantages.

-Way more guitars to choose from
-Lessons are easier because you're doing it the "conventional" way, so you don't have to sit there and reverse-engineer everything
-You get the opportunity to try and use more guitars
-My left hand is doing most of the hard work. My guitar teacher told me over and over how my hand would get "tired" and would need to build up all this strength to do this or that, and none of that has actually been the case. My finger strength has been perfectly adequate.

- I need to spend a LOT more time practicing my strumming, because my right hand has a mind of its own. Palm muting is now posing a new challenge for me.

One of these days when the opportunity to buy a super-cheap lefty guitar comes up, I'm going to grab it and see how hard it is to re-learn lefty. I think it would be great to be able to play both ways.
Quote by Jim85IROC
- I need to spend a LOT more time practicing my strumming, because my right hand has a mind of its own. Palm muting is now posing a new challenge for me.
But a new guitarist will struggle with everything!
Quote by bangoodcharlote
But a new guitarist will struggle with everything!
That was pretty much the point I was trying to get across. Sure, my strumming is a mess, but compared to how I've seen people struggle with trying to play chords, I think having my "smart" hand on the fretboard instead of holding the pick isn't such a bad thing. I can type over 100 words per minute, and my right hand is equally as capable of finding 20+ keys as my left hand, so I'm sure it'll learn where those 6 strings are eventually.
I am having trouble with a few instructional DVD's and a book I have because of having to reverse everything including the order of notes in my head, but I think I'll be fine over time and of the two lady friends who are teaching me, one is a lefty so she shows me the right finger positions on the fretboard.

I haven't had alot of time this week practicing, but I have read two books on the basics of guitar and alot of background like moving up from the pick to the fingers, chord transitions, tips and that kind of stuff and I'm up for the challenge.

This forum has been really helpful to me as far as having information for noobs at my fingertips.
I'm a lefty myself but I started right handed; the way I would (and did) go about it was just picking up a right handed guitar and playing it for maybe...a week? Then I actually had a friend teach me a few things, and after maybe...3 chords in I said screw it and just started playing upside down. Like what everyone's been saying just do what's comfortable; I mean, lefty guitars are a little pricier than their right handed counterparts and a little harder to come by, especially if you plan on getting a 7 string in the future, but whatever works works man, and don't let a smaller selection discourage you; legends played strats, including Jimi, and everyone can get their hands on a strat.
Thanks for the advice, I am getting used to some instructional DVD's and the lefty guitar is great for me because I can play the strings and chords normally according to the lessons.

I am learning about major and minor notes, alternative picking and other beginner things through the lessons and posts here, this forum and the web as a whole have been extremely helpful.

Now, if I only had more time to practice.....
I'm left-handed, play lefty too. I tried righty because my teacher told me to, but he only lasted one lesson... I told him I was there to learn some theory so he refuses to let me play my own (left-handed) guitar and insists that I play right-handed on a trashy acoustic with fret buzz and rusty strings he'd probably been keeping in the attic for the last year or so. Best waste of £10 ever.

Do what's natural to you, in short. I just couldn't play at all right-handed, so I chose to go lefty since I could just about sound reasonable doing so.
Hello, to give an update on my left handed beginner guitar playing, after almost 3 months now, I find it difficult to find certain chords when following along with online lessons. I also found that a lefty guitar book has greatly helped me out, but it is frustrating at times to reverse what I see in a guitar chord book.

I am still trying to play a few rythm songs which are difficult also, but then again, its the learning curve and my ever shrinking time availible for practice.
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