hey I am a guitarist who has recently come to the conclusion that bass is actually quite difficult. I've been trying out different tabs and it is going well. but evry were i look theres someone promoting power tab. i dont get it whats so special about it. also any snazy blues riffs in standard bass tuning open to anything

also bass players evrywere have my respect
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hey I am a guitarist who has recently come to the conclusion that bass is actually quite difficult.

Admitting it is the first step to overcoming.

Power tab and Guitar Pro are tab programs which play the song to you, which is useful, as you can play along and mix the tracks for the instrument you want. It really helps if you don't know the timing especial.
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guitar pro>power tab

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another one caught by the idea of "bass is easy". but yeah congratulations for accepting it. i recommend guitar pro. well i like it better, it's about preferences.
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power tab is free so you can find it anywhere. however if you can find a free guitar pro then go for it but usually you have to pay for guitar pro.
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1. Welcome to bass. Its not guitar and welcome to the dark side . More info? Look at the FAQ, its a great resource for the basics and beyond.
2. Blues riffs? Just take the blues scales and work that basic blues patterns. There's been a few threads on blues bass, including one where people contributed their own tabs:


3. Powertab and Guitar pro questions? Take it to Tab Talk. Its a more appropriate forum and there's a sticky devoted to both programs and user questions.

I'm closing thread since iits primarily about power tab and that belongs in the Tab Talk forum. But post up any bass related questions here in the Bass forum as you take your journey down the path of learning the joys of the "low end"