hey my band just created a demo consisting of 3 songs all of which have different personalities to them. if ya got free time and can't find any thing interesting in the pit check out our stuff

My Gear:
epiphone les paul cusom, Limited edition. evo dimarzio pick ups
Parker P-38
epiphone hummingbird
line 6 flextone
crate vtx 120

head full of ideas.
I'll do as I always do and comment on each song.

The first track, "Mary Shelley Should Get a Life" is a really solid hard rock tune, and the bass has a really nice groove and the drumming fits really well. The vocals fit very well into this song but I personally don't like the screams at around 1:40 and 3:20. The guitar solo fits really well too - good hard rock track overall.

So far, I'm really liking the way "Organs" sounds. Once again, the vocals really suit the song, and it's a good hard rock track. I don't really have any complaints about this song, except that it feels like it drags on for a tad too long and ends up sounding a bit samey.

After listening to "Tension" I have concluded that all your songs are solid tracks but they sound very similar. I think you guys need to push out more and expand your sound. Overall, it's a good sound but I think you'll lose the interest of most casual listeners if all your songs too similar.

EDIT: If you've got the time, check out my myspace (the link is in my profile) and you can let me know what you think here: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
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