Im interested in making a tone switch. The deal is I have no volume or tone (No need for them.) Heres the one I want to make -

Do I just hook up hot to the middle lug?
Is that a bypass in the middle position?

I am also interested in making a varitone to try out also. Ive searched, and cant find a good diagram using a DP6T (2 poles six positions) rotary switch. I need a diagram that shows the switch hooked up straight to an input jack.
(Daniel, if you do this, then PM it to me)

Is a 3 way switch just a SP3T?
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You would want some sort of resistor on the switch version. As it would just be a treble dump the way the one on your link is. It would be like having the treble knob on 0 which doesnt sound very good depending on the cap used. If you research many who have the varitone dont use or like it. Its an all or nothing proposition.
The 3 way switch you are looking for is called a SPDT on/on/on.
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