i have a friend who wants my schecter omen 6 diamond series,
which is my back up and i really don't LOVE it too much... it's just there

he wants to horse trade and offers up his agile al 3000... which was a les paul copy
never heard of this company so did some research and found out that this is like $375 guitar (since omen 6 is like 300 i guess i gain money wise, but i kno money isn't everything here)

the action and feel arent too different and i don't think the agile's sound is that much different from my omen 6 (but both our amps arent that great and i have a bad ear when it comes to determining good sounds so idk...)
bottom line, if you just wanna say 'choose what's better for u', i really cant tell what's better for me

ok, end of the story, and i wanna know how well built this agile guitar is
according to the agile topic (which looked pretty dead), the quality is apparently decent,
but if im not mistaken, omen 6 is a pretty well built guitar too

If YOU were in this situation, which would you choose?
I'm really split half and half so i want to hear some guitar experts give their opinions on these two guitars
Agile all the way. rediculously high quality guitars for the money. you are definitely trading up in quality from the omen to the 3000. but its hard to compare, they're not made for the same type of music. if it were me, the Agile.
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id go with the omen, but only because if you need reoair or somethin itd be easier to find a dealer, or send it to a shop, y'know? its good you looked up the agile guys though, see if you an find someone whos had one
Personally I'd stick with the Omen: I'm not a fan of 24.75" scale guitars.
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Besides the smaller scale, I like the Agile. I've never played an Omen though, so I guess I can't compare them.

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as for the difficulty of comparison due to the different types of sounds,
it really doesn't matter for me.... whatever i choose is gonna be my second guitar anyway
and as long as it has that warm humbucker sound im fine....

so it all comes down to just downright quality of the guitar