Hello all,

As per my last post, I'm guitar shopping. Caveats (I'll keep them short) -- lefty, and I primarily play classic rock. Now, I've heard for the kind of thing I play (think Beatles), hollowbodies are about the best you can do.

The problem for this is that the only two hollowbodies really available for lefties are the Epi Dot and the Epi Sheraton. The Sheraton is primarily a Jazz machine as far as I know (and lacks upper fret markers), so I've been looking at the dot. However, I've heard some bad things about it (e.g. quality, sound, etc.) Anyone have any comments/suggestions?
Wouldn't it cost a decent bit getting it setup lefty? Also, feel free to offer any other suggestions for my style too My price range is about $700, though, and less is preferred as it means I can get other things (e.g. gigbag/case, etc.)
Ah. Any other guitar suggestions so I have a bit of variety? The Casino's $600, so it'd be right at the top of my price range after getting it setup. I've heard some stuff about Epi LPs, but the only ones in my range for lefties are the standard and custom, which I've heard are both a bit too heavy/muddy for this.
look around. I bought a 60's Gibson ES-330 with a few changes (pickups/tuners) no breaks for a song on ebay. I think it was like $800.00 - then the same guitar with the right pickups sold for 3000.00 a few months later - I have the original pickups on order but not planning to sell.

Lots of good deals if you really look

remember - a used casino is a lot less then 600