hey everybody

so I own a epiphone les paul standard limited edition and I love the feel and the paint job and just all of it BUT I want to put new pickups in it because I don't think the stock ones have the feel and the chord recognition I want.

well anyway I have the vox AD50 2x12 amp

and I play mostly hard rock and classic rock.
think Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n Roses, Ac/Dc, but also more modern and clean stuff

so I was thinking about the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker Set
which is a really nice clean set of pickups and I can add some distortion with my rat2 pedal

so does anybody have any experience with those pickups good or bad or does anybody have any other ideas what would be good pickups?

(please don't answer with emgs I just really don't like the sound just not my taste I guess)

thanks for your help
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I don't have a LP, but SD makes nice p/u's, I have them in all of my electrics and they rock. you could go for the Gibson varieties or Di Marzio's though, but I'm just partial to the Duncans
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the hot rodded hb set is fine. but for your les paul, you might want to try a Custom 5/Jazz combo. can do jazz to metal.
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seymour duncan
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i have an epi LP and i love some of the same music as you.

i got a pair of rolling mill pickups from axetec. they sound awesome. more open than the original epi p'ups. they also have some for higher gain too but rolling mills are nice vintage voiced ones similar to g n r and zepp...

i got them delivered for £25 each so a massive saving over seymour duncans. as with any big name brand you pay to have the name on the front. doesnt make them better. check out the alternatives.
Thank you please.
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are really expensive, but are apparently worth the price.
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swineshead- custom made in the uk and just about every style you could want
59's both positions for that style of music
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I hear that guy nuthinbuttrubl8 makes some nice pickups
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Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

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thanks guys those really sound nice!!!
and yes they are cheaper even with delivery to the U.S they are about 5 dollar cheaper not really a big difference but I mean including shipping thats pretty awesome.
but would you guys suggest those in neck and bridge?


actually it's more than 5 bucks more like 15
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