Ok, I'm planning on getting a '65 Reissue for Christmas. I've heard many times that you will really want to replace the pickups as soon as you get the guitar, because they are really bad about buzzing. I play a lot of grunge, but I also play a BUNCH of Wolfmother. What pickups do you suggest for this? I need something fairly versatile, but I have never replaced pickups before and wouldn't know what to get.

Also, how much do you think it would run to get a guitar technician to put them in? (American)
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I don't know why you would, it's a fricken Mustang. Only thing I'd suggest is either get proper Mustang pick-ups or a better amp. Any other pick-up changes defeat the purpose of buying a Mustang.
Well to me it sounds like you want humbuckers. Basically a Mustang won't do grunge or Wolfmother to well withthe stock pickups. You want humbuckers on it.

I see you already have an Epi Les Paul Custom, which is very good. I'd get a new amp instead really.
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