I am currently playing a Squier strat through a Fender 15w Frontman. I know its a beginner setup, and I first want to upgrade the amp. I play rock, hard rock, classic rock, metal, and a little of everything else. I want an amp that sounds good clean, but more importantly, sounds good with distortion. The more effects the better. I only jam in my room, so it doesn't need to be very loud (50w maximum). $400 is like my maximum. I have researched and have a few choices that seem pretty good. Can someone tell me which I should get and why, or at least elaborate on the info I have?

Vox Valvetronix AD30VT : Pros - lots of amp models and effects to choose from, preset mode, sound clips sounded great. Cons - when I tried it out (although I was pressed for time and didn't get to REALLY try it) it was hard to get it to sound like in the clips. Maybe I'm just dumb.

Peavey Valveking 112 : Pros - all tube (which I have heard means great tone), texture control, I have heard good things about it. Cons - not many effects, I have also heard bad things about the speakers (no money to change), seems like I may need an OD pedal (also no money).

Roland Cube 30X : Pros - lots of effects, lots of metal channels, my friend has one and is very pleased. Cons - no major cons that I can think of, I need more input.

Please give me your input as to which of these would be best for me. Tell me about your own experiences as well as what you have heard. If you have any other choices to give me, I'll check them out too. Any input is appreciated. PLEASE help me out!
Its between AD30VT and Valveking IMO, AD30VT is Hybrid which means its part tube and the Valveking is fully tubed...with the price of the Valveking, you coudd get the AD50VT which has a 12 inch speaker and some very nice amp models

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get an epi valve jr./blackheart little giant (i think its a b5h5 or something like that)/marshall mircostak

theyre all half stacks!
all rock including hard rock, and clean sounds amazing on the ad30, i own it and have for 2 years now, great amp, no problems, sounds great loud too, unlike most SS amps. it is slightly lacking in the metal department but i like the US hi gain channel, its nice

if you play more metal than hard rock/other music, go with another amp, but if you don't play metal 24/7 go with the valvetronix
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Get the Valveking......

You'll just need a couple pedals...........Which could cost a lot........

So it's hard to say........
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Quote by seankellyultgtr
get an epi valve jr./blackheart little giant (i think its a b5h5 or something like that)/marshall mircostak

theyre all half stacks!

valve and blackhearts are good suggestions, but i hope you were joking about the microstack, that thing is worse than a normal MG.
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Yeah, I had the vox ad30vt-xl. I didn't have much time in the store because of my inexperienced electrical playing since I didn't have an electric until recently (i was playing acoustic before).

I bought the vox amp and after about 2 weeks i decided to return it. I tried out the roland cube amp after some time with amps in general and decided that was the kind of amp I wanted and placed an order online. Should come in any day now.

Some people might say my opinion doesn't really count because of how inexperienced I am, but I still have tried out both amps and it's all really a matter of personal taste. Go back and try all of them before you buy one of them.
Hey Ledzepfan - first of all, Congrats on a well constructed thread. It is obvious you did some research first and listed out the pros and cons as you see them and have a budget and styles.

I don't hear too many complaints on the Cubes so if this is for bedroom practice only it might be the way to go if you want lots of effects.

I'm not a fan of the Valvetronix series but that is just me. Plenty of people love them.

I am a fan of the Valveking as a budget all tube amp and there are some users here that have some pretty good clips if you are interested I'll post them. I have a new one too (VK2). PS...the speaker isn't 'that' bad but takes time to break in - but an OD is almost a must so that may push you over budget unless you can find a used VK.
Roland MicroCube and save up for a loud amp for when you need one. The 5 watt Roland is a great bedroom practice amp. Try the Vox Da5 too, they are very similar and both are loaded with effects. You don't need anywhere near 50 watts for bedroom practice.